If your marketing email is NAKED, then you’re f*cked. Period.

Instead, how can you improve the aesthetics of your marketing email.

Credits — Hubspot
Starbucks might have sh*tty coffee. But, you gotta give it to them for their outstanding emails. (Credits — MailBakery)
Credits — Hubspot

Why ‘naked’ emails are so bad?

  1. We go through our feeds every day, looking for something that stands out. We don’t like patterns. We already have that in our lives. Now, we’re looking for something that pops out of the ordinary and say “Whassaaaaaaap!”
    So if your email copy doesn’t do that, then you don’t get enough conversions.
  2. Throughout the years, we’ve been desensitized for average marketing techniques. So, now, the audience (people) have standards too. If your marketing campaign doesn’t contain the ‘minimum requirements’, then you don’t get their attention, trust, and ultimately, their money.
  3. We don’t have all the time in the world. We’re not gods that live for thousands of years. We have sh*t to get done every day. So we won’t likely put up with crappy marketing emails.
  4. People like aesthetically pleasing stuff. We all do. On the other side, we don’t hate ugly and crappy emails. We just don’t like them. So if the readers don’t like your emails, you know what happens next.

Okay. So WHAT should we do about it?

But HOW?

Even though this email is on point, they haven’t used any text formatting or styling to highlight the benefits, or any other phrases that demand the reader’s attention. (Credits — BeeFree)
This is a good start. Bolding the “last day of your trial” phrase, and the benefits. (Credits — CopyHackers)
Credits — Hubspot



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Jay Kalansooriya

Editor-in-Chief @ European News Wire | Find me on Twitter @ItsJKalan