Reddit is coming to Asia

Opportunity Alert!

Jay Kalansooriya
2 min readFeb 21, 2023

Reddit is focusing on Asia and other emerging markets (which is a fancy term for ‘safer parts’ of Africa) to promote the platform.

The company announced their VP of APAC and EM; Durgesh Kaushik, who introduced Coinbase to APAC, EMEA, and America, and promoted Snap in India.

The latest Reddit analytical data shows that the users from Asia are growing steadily, and since it’s a great idea to go where you're welcome, Reddit will be doubling down on marketing to these regions.

In my honest opinion, due to the diversity of the platform (cat videos to Quant analysis to AI) and the lack of privacy concers unlike Meta (FB, IG, WhatsApp), people will gladly embrace the platform.

If you're in these regions (especially the ones that are up and coming), it’d be very wise to try your hand at Reddit marketing. There’s a very active community if you know where to reach them.

How is this relevant to growth?

Reddit is one of the few places currently where there’s a lot of active users who engage with the platform on a daily basis. It’s also a place where it’s downright impossible for marketers to penetrate with sleazy sales pitches other than advertising.

So if you were able to get ahead of your competition by either managing to secure a chunk of attention already existing, you’d have a great source for lead gen for your company or brand.


Till next time.